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The Guitar That’s Taking On Gibson and Epiphone


Some guitarists are wondering what the best budget guitar is when you’re looking for a Gibson style guitar, whether it’s a Les Paul style or a semi hollow 338 style body. One company is challenging the established industry, AIO, All In One guitars is punching way above their weight class. With ebony fretboards, Grover tuners, flame maple top and backs, and beautiful fretwork, whether you’re looking at the KSA-50 or the SC77 as covered by Lester Mitchell, it’s hard to argue with the extreme value that these guitars provide.

GUITAR SORCERY! This $310 Guitar Has Some Hidden Magic…

Spellcaster Title

Recently, I my travels through the Kingdom known as Southern California, I came upon Richard James over at the Bald Shredder YouTube channel, and he was truly gracious and generous enough to loan me one of his prized axes. This is his Leo Jaymz Tempest in Spellcaster Green! Complete with some amazing active pickups, rounded ball end frets, Wilkinson bridge and a incredible top, this guitar might turn you into a 6 string wizard!

The Real Reason Sam Ash Is Gone… Is Guitar Center Next?

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Change with the times or get left behind. Where did Sam Ash Music go wrong? Will Guitar Center end up with the same fate? I think they WILL! AND be on the lookout for the latest guitar internet scam, and this time it’s using the Sam Ash closing as an opportunity


Guitar TONE Has Peaked!

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A truly classic sound, from such a simple guitar. When you want to get a beautiful, traditional guitar tone, sometimes you have to return to the classic designs. This All In One Guitars’ AIO T3 relic tele style guitar uses a decades old design with a few modern touches like brass saddles and an ebony fretboard. Getting an incredible tone from this guitar is just effortless.

New Guitar Program: The Guitar Lick Arsenal!

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The Guitar MAX Guitar Lick Arsenal has launched!!

This new instructional program has all of my “go-to” licks that you’ve seen so many times in my guitar demos… all collected here in one big program. Includes TABs, Guitar Pro file, video lessons, and backing tracks!


Viper Guitars: Fully Customizable and USA Made!


When attending the NAMM convention, you always hope that you find a hidden gem among the face palm inducing bad ideas. This year, I was introduced to Viper Guitars and I’m shocked that I didn’t know about this before. Floyd Rose, 24 frets, Seymour Duncans, compound neck profile, and looks for days! This is exactly what I love in a shred guitar! This guitar I’m checking out today (borrowed) is called the Edge model and is fully customizable.


The Best SUSTAIN I’ve Ever Heard!

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Wood pickup rings that match the neck, a graphite nut, an ash wood body, a roller bridge, and an electric cobalt blue finish… with matching headstock. There’s a lot of cool poured into this guitar. The part that really impresses me is the sustain though! The notes just never end. This is the Bootlegger Hounder. California based with manufacturing in South Korea. Let’s check this out!

The New SBS Guitar Models Are UNDENIABLE!

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After the launch of the Guitar Fetish SBS (Steve Brown Sound) guitars last year, many guitarists had complaints: The frets are too small! Only relic finishes? Are these necks REALLY roasted maple?? Thankfully GFS has addressed these issues in their new super strat SBS models. AND they have released an even more inexpensive model! Let’s check these out.

Bootlegger Guitars’ Ultimate Jam Guitar

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HSH pickups, coil splitting, maple fretboard, solid maple top, string through body bridge, semi-hollow body, Grover tuners… all on a tele style body? What? This is another fresh take on a traditional guitar from Bootlegger Guitars! This is their Rye Memphis model in Cherry Honey Burst. $799 with a hardcase! What’s not to like?


Sunset Strip Air Tour Title

The legendary Sunset Strip in West Hollywood. Home of the hair metal revolution and birthplace of so many bands that guitarists love… there are plenty of tours, but what better way to see it than from a vintage airplane! Myself and shred guitarist Ofer Holan climb into my 1946 Aeronca Chief and fly from Van Nuys to Hollywood to see if we can find the Whisky a Go-Go.