Monthly archives: March, 2020

Online Guitar Courses Launched!


All of the existing Guitar MAX instructional programs are now available through the online course platform Teachable. This platform enables users to login with an account rather than downloading material to their computer or phone, which was problematic for many users. Users are also able to comment on courses and ask questions  / get feedback.

Courses available include: Guitar Solo Essentials, Guitar Scale Command, and the full backing track library!

Online course are available HERE!

Downloads are still available through Sellfy, however over time this platform will be phased out.


The NEW Schecter Silver Mountain! Like It’s Made From METAL!


One of the many badass guitars that I saw at NAMM this year was the new Schecter C-1 FRS in the killer Silver Mountain finish! This guitar has a special painting method which gives it a scratched metal look! Totally awesome man. Video below!

Links to the guitars can be found in the YouTube video description!