Monthly archives: April, 2019

AIO Guitars! Awesome New Brand! Feat. Dan Mumm


In this video I take a look at an AIO guitar (All In One). This is a new brand from the people who brought you the awesome Wolf brand of guitars. Great guitarist Dan Mumm is helping me out with this video, doing the playing while I am still recovering from my bicep tendon surgery.

AIO Guitars HERE

What’s the deal with Chris Impellitteri?



In this video, Max takes a look at the unique career path of one of the great, unsung heroes of shred guitar, Chris Impellitteri.

Checkout the latest Impellitteri album “The Nature of the Beast”, right here!

Impellitteri Album on Amazon


Max Recovers From Surgery to Repair Torn Bicep Tendon


Max is currently recovering from a distal biceps tendon repair surgery, the goal of which was to repair his completely torn left bicep tendon. He is currently unable to play guitar. Watch the video below for more details.