Monthly archives: May, 2024

Fender and Gibson Hate This Guitar Company!


For a crazy good price of $199, you get set neck construction, a carved neck joint, coil splitting, Grover tuners, a beautiful satin flame finish and much more! Harley Benton hasn’t lost a beat with their SC Custom II model. Veteran guitar companies are feeling the pressure when you can get this much quality for a price this low. Let’s check out the Harley Benton SC Custom 2.



You’ve Never Seen A Guitar Like This!


How many frets does this guitar have?? And why are some of them missing? It’s 7 strings… but it’s not a normal 7 string guitar. The whole thing is put together with beautiful neck through construction. This was an IYV prototype that was never made into a production guitar. But it’s totally awesome and wish it was a real production guitar.