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The Guitar That’s Taking On Gibson and Epiphone


Some guitarists are wondering what the best budget guitar is when you’re looking for a Gibson style guitar, whether it’s a Les Paul style or a semi hollow 338 style body. One company is challenging the established industry, AIO, All In One guitars is punching way above their weight class. With ebony fretboards, Grover tuners, flame maple top and backs, and beautiful fretwork, whether you’re looking at the KSA-50 or the SC77 as covered by Lester Mitchell, it’s hard to argue with the extreme value that these guitars provide.

Firefly Guitars’ New FLYING V Model!

Flying V thumb 1

Firefly guitars continues to roll out new models! In this video we review the new Flying V (FFLV) model. With a mahogany body and set neck, rosewood fret-board and AMAZING fretwork… this thing rocks hard and looks good doing it. At under $300, how can you go wrong? Let’s find out.