Monthly archives: October, 2017

GEAR DEMO – 12$ Pickups! Upgrading the Ammoon Strat


With the Ammoon strat clocking in at only $47, we can afford to spend a few bucks on upgrades! Fortunately, through the magic of Ebay, we only need to spend around $24 to upgrade the pickups to a pair of blistering Dual Rail, single-coil spaced pieces. With these new pups transferring the tone, this thing absolutely screams!

INTERVIEW – Dan Mumm, Part 1, Natural Talent and Gifted Musicians

dan thumb1

Here is the first of several clips from my recent interview with neoclassical guitarist, composer, and music educator Dan Mumm. In this discussion we talk about the concept of natural talent and what it means when we call someone ‘gifted’. More clips from this interview will be posted soon!

Dan’s YouTube Channel, and his website.