Monthly archives: January, 2018

Demo / Tutorial: Dragonfire Screamers Swapped Into The Chibson!

Chibson Pup Swap thumb 1

In keeping with the low-budget build theme, in this video we swap in a set of Dragonfire Screamers, in place of the stock, non-wax potted pickups that were originally in the $170 Chibson Les Paul. The results are astounding! This bargain priced ($35) set of pickups really wakes up this fake LP and provides a noticeable increase in bottom-end thickness as well as a night and day difference in feedback control.

This video has not only a review and demo but an install tutorial as well!


You get get the pickups here!

Hellion “Karma’s a Bitch” Released On Vinyl!

hellion vinly

The most recent Hellion album, Karma’s a Bitch, has been released in limited edition on vinyl! Below is a video I made where I take a look at a copy of the album and talk a little about the recording process, physical music products, and what it all means to me.

If you’d like to pick up a copy of the vinyl release, it’s available on Amazon for a great price!