Monthly archives: April, 2024

Guitar TONE Has Peaked!

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A truly classic sound, from such a simple guitar. When you want to get a beautiful, traditional guitar tone, sometimes you have to return to the classic designs. This All In One Guitars’ AIO T3 relic tele style guitar uses a decades old design with a few modern touches like brass saddles and an ebony fretboard. Getting an incredible tone from this guitar is just effortless.

New Guitar Program: The Guitar Lick Arsenal!

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The Guitar MAX Guitar Lick Arsenal has launched!!

This new instructional program has all of my “go-to” licks that you’ve seen so many times in my guitar demos… all collected here in one big program. Includes TABs, Guitar Pro file, video lessons, and backing tracks!


Viper Guitars: Fully Customizable and USA Made!


When attending the NAMM convention, you always hope that you find a hidden gem among the face palm inducing bad ideas. This year, I was introduced to Viper Guitars and I’m shocked that I didn’t know about this before. Floyd Rose, 24 frets, Seymour Duncans, compound neck profile, and looks for days! This is exactly what I love in a shred guitar! This guitar I’m checking out today (borrowed) is called the Edge model and is fully customizable.