Monthly archives: August, 2023

Mythbusting Cheap Guitars!

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Whenever I review an affordable guitar, I get in the comments section about how the guitar is “not real wood”. I’m tired of this cheap guitar myth and today I’m going to disprove this. Let’s sacrifice two affordable, but unusable guitars and see what they’re really made of. Particle board? MDF? Plywood? What’s the truth?


My Marshall DLS20 Amp is Broken! But I still LOVE IT!


My Marshall DSL20HR is an awesome sounding amp… with problems. The earlier versions of these Dual Super Lead re-issue amps had widespread problems with the effects loop and emulated output, and I got unlucky with mine. This amp features an ultra gain channel and classic gain, and at 20 watts all tube, you can get a great sound at a lower volume.