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A Cheap Chibson After 2+ Years. Did it Last?


Many people have commented or asked me how the cheap Chinese guitars to hold up over time. In this video I look at how a bottom-of-the-barrel $170 Chibson has lasted over the past 2+ years!  

Rare Materials and Fine Italian Craftsmenship!


In this video, I’m thrilled to checkout a beautiful and rare Paoletti Stratopheric guitar! With a leather top and a body made from 150 year old wine barrels, this instrument has a unique and beautifully rich tone. Excellent guitarist Deakon Lekross joins me on this review. His technique combined with an amazing instrument makes for…

Comparing a $50 Acoustic to a $5,000 Acoustic!

50-5000 image

This might be crazy, but let’s take a look at how much of a difference there is between a cheapo $50 acoustic guitar from Ebay and a stunning, $5,000 Larrivee. It’s a battle of the budgets!    

The Best 12 String Acoustic Electric for Less Than $200


In this video, we take a look at the 12 string acoustic from Vangoa! Low budget, big sound! You can get the guitar on Amazon, including a gig bag, strings, picks, guitar strap and even a capo!

AIO Guitars! Awesome New Brand! Feat. Dan Mumm


In this video I take a look at an AIO guitar (All In One). This is a new brand from the people who brought you the awesome Wolf brand of guitars. Great guitarist Dan Mumm is helping me out with this video, doing the playing while I am still recovering from my bicep tendon surgery.

What’s the deal with Chris Impellitteri?


  In this video, Max takes a look at the unique career path of one of the great, unsung heroes of shred guitar, Chris Impellitteri. Checkout the latest Impellitteri album “The Nature of the Beast”, right here!  

Max Recovers From Surgery to Repair Torn Bicep Tendon


Max is currently recovering from a distal biceps tendon repair surgery, the goal of which was to repair his completely torn left bicep tendon. He is currently unable to play guitar. Watch the video below for more details.

Demo / Review of the Fender Champion 50XL Combo Amp!


Today I’m checking out the new budget-friendly Fender Champion 50XL combo amp! There are some great tones to be found here and the amp features a 12″ Celestion Midnight speaker!  

This Guitar Can’t Be Sold In The USA!

burny review thumb

Due to copyright and trademark laws, this guitar, and many others like it, can’t be sold in the USA. Burny, an extension of Fernandes Guitars, is a Japanese company and is very popular in the Japanese domestic guitar market.    

Amazing DIY Guitar from Guns and Guitars!

In this video, I get to review a custom DIY guitar made by Dan Thompson at Guns and Guitars! This guitar is an incredible example of what can be done with a cheap guitar kit and a lot of creativity! Checkout Dan’s YouTube Channel HERE!