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Full Length Instructional Video Released!

GSE New Image

Finally, Max has released a full-length instructional video! Guitar Solo Essentials contains an instructional video, guitar TABs, and backing tracks! This program is split into 5 chapters and contains tons of classic, hard rock and metal licks and techniques! These are the kinds of licks that will transform your playing into that classic “guitar hero”…

Finally! A Squier Review! (with Active Pickups!?)


In this review, we’re looking at the Squier Jazzmaster Active HH. A kick-ass, active pickup loaded classic shred machine. Let’s check it out!

An Amazing Single-Cut Style Guitar from EASTMAN!


Looking for a Les Paul alternative that delivers on truly top-shelf build quality and playability? The SB57/N-BK from Eastman is a great choice. Here’s my review on it:    

The Joyo Multi Wah is My New Favorite Wah Pedal!


Previously, my favorite Wah pedal was the Morley Bad Horsie II (Steve Vai signature) pedal. While that is still an excellent pedal, my new favorite is the Joyo Multi-Wah. It combines value, compact size, and a wide variety of Wah tones all into one unit.  

The Satchel Charvel Signature Guitar is GREAT!


Thanks to the Thomann Musikhaus I got to check out a bunch of awesome guitars, including the killer 80’s shred machine known as the Charvel Satchel signature guitar! Satchel, of course, is the guitarist from Steel Panther. This guitar is perfect for 80’s shred and virtuoso playing.

Schecter Made the Lamborghini of Guitars!


Schecter really knocked it out of the park on this one! The E-1 Special has a heavy metal body shape, mahogany body wood, set-neck construction, ebony fretboard, 24 extra-jumbo frets, Floyd Rose, and the totally awesome sustainiac electronics! Built for speed and to turn heads!

Visiting Thomann Musikhaus in Germany!


I had a great time visiting Thomann (the huge music gear retailer) last week in Germany! Lots of fun videos from this trip are coming soon, but for now, here’s a highlight reel from the trip! Enjoy!    

A Cheap Chibson After 2+ Years. Did it Last?


Many people have commented or asked me how the cheap Chinese guitars to hold up over time. In this video I look at how a bottom-of-the-barrel $170 Chibson has lasted over the past 2+ years!  

Rare Materials and Fine Italian Craftsmenship!


In this video, I’m thrilled to checkout a beautiful and rare Paoletti Stratopheric guitar! With a leather top and a body made from 150 year old wine barrels, this instrument has a unique and beautifully rich tone. Excellent guitarist Deakon Lekross joins me on this review. His technique combined with an amazing instrument makes for…

Comparing a $50 Acoustic to a $5,000 Acoustic!

50-5000 image

This might be crazy, but let’s take a look at how much of a difference there is between a cheapo $50 acoustic guitar from Ebay and a stunning, $5,000 Larrivee. It’s a battle of the budgets!