Monthly archives: September, 2017

GEAR DEMO – Joyo Vintage Overdrive


Want a classic Tube Screamer that’ll get you all those wonderful tones that have sold millions of records? Well too bad. They’re expensive. But wait, you CAN buy a Joyo Vintage Overdrive pedal for around $25 bucks on Ebay! Made with a rugged aluminum housing and the same controls as a classic Tube Screamer, this pedal is no-nonsense, vintage gain goodness. It works well providing all the gain, on a clean amp, for a warm Classic Rock sound, or you can boost an already cranked up amp to get some singing, stinging sustain and a blistering lead tone!

I’m playing my increasingly modified Ammoon Strat through my Blackstar ID Core 10 for this review.


GEAR DEMO – A New Guitar for $47!?

Ammoon thumb4

With today’s manufacturing techniques and product supply chains, it’s easier than ever to produce a good quality, low-priced guitar. The ultimate example of this is the Ammoon strat style guitar, which I purchased new for less than $50!

I review this guitar, talk about the pros and cons, what parts I would upgrade, and more! At the end of the day, this is a totally playable guitar for the cost of a tank of gas!

GEAR DEMO – The $170 Chibson Les Paul!


Fake? Counterfeit? Replica? Tribute Guitar? Whatever you might call them, they seem to be here to stay. Our good friends in the east are cranking out “Made in USA” Gibson Les Paul guitars for a fraction of the price of the genuine article. In this Gear Demo / Review, I take a look at a $170 Les Paul, which I ordered directly from China. Just how bad is it? Unsurprisingly… not that bad. Although players often buy these guitars with modifications in mind, for my review, this guitar is completely stock. I go over the specs, playing examples, and talk about the construction and materials. I close the review by asking the viewers some questions about their feelings regarding the ethics of knowingly buying counterfeit products. Take a look!