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The Most Iconic Guitar of the 1990s…

Thumb 3

Can you think of a more iconic guitar from the 1990s than this Ibanez JEM PMC. Steve Vai was already a well established guitar god when this signature guitar was released in 1992. Featuring the, now legendary, swirl finish, and with only 271 made, this guitar started out as a head-turner, and went down in history as a guitar collector’s must-have.

This HEADLESS Guitar is Perfect For My Airplane!

Boya Headless Title 2

I played in the wrong key, because I was inverted! This is the Boya & Ziqi Lizard-6 fanned fret, headless guitar! At a price under $400, this thing is the perfect, compact shred guitar. A mahogany body and super smooth brass and aluminum bridge provides rock solid tones. Let’s check this out!