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New Guitar Program: The Guitar Lick Arsenal!

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The Guitar MAX Guitar Lick Arsenal has launched!!

This new instructional program has all of my “go-to” licks that you’ve seen so many times in my guitar demos… all collected here in one big program. Includes TABs, Guitar Pro file, video lessons, and backing tracks!


Viper Guitars: Fully Customizable and USA Made!


When attending the NAMM convention, you always hope that you find a hidden gem among the face palm inducing bad ideas. This year, I was introduced to Viper Guitars and I’m shocked that I didn’t know about this before. Floyd Rose, 24 frets, Seymour Duncans, compound neck profile, and looks for days! This is exactly what I love in a shred guitar! This guitar I’m checking out today (borrowed) is called the Edge model and is fully customizable.


Vola Guitars Michael Keene Signature! Green Power!

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What do you get when you combine a technical death metal master with Japanese craftsmenship? A high end instrument that’s made to handle the most demanding guitar riffs and face melting solos. This is the Michael Keene signature guitar from Vola Guitars. With Fishman Fluence pickups, a Japanese made Gotoh Floyd Rose style bridge, dark ebony fretboard, 24 frets, and build quality that is second to none. This is the kind of guitar that makes you sound better! Let’s check this out.

The Firefly Guitars EVH Inspired Super Strat!

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I love Firefly Guitars… but they’ve really outdone themselves this time! Mahogany body, roasted maple neck and fretboard, stainless steel rounded ball end frets, locking tuners, a Floyd Rose style trem, AND an incredible EVH inspired paint job! For $269? Get right out of here. This is my new favorite Firefly guitar.


The Best SUSTAIN I’ve Ever Heard!

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Wood pickup rings that match the neck, a graphite nut, an ash wood body, a roller bridge, and an electric cobalt blue finish… with matching headstock. There’s a lot of cool poured into this guitar. The part that really impresses me is the sustain though! The notes just never end. This is the Bootlegger Hounder. California based with manufacturing in South Korea. Let’s check this out!

The New SBS Guitar Models Are UNDENIABLE!

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After the launch of the Guitar Fetish SBS (Steve Brown Sound) guitars last year, many guitarists had complaints: The frets are too small! Only relic finishes? Are these necks REALLY roasted maple?? Thankfully GFS has addressed these issues in their new super strat SBS models. AND they have released an even more inexpensive model! Let’s check these out.

Bootlegger Guitars’ Ultimate Jam Guitar

Bootlegger Rye Thumb 1

HSH pickups, coil splitting, maple fretboard, solid maple top, string through body bridge, semi-hollow body, Grover tuners… all on a tele style body? What? This is another fresh take on a traditional guitar from Bootlegger Guitars! This is their Rye Memphis model in Cherry Honey Burst. $799 with a hardcase! What’s not to like?

This HEADLESS Guitar is Perfect For My Airplane!

Boya Headless Title 2

I played in the wrong key, because I was inverted! This is the Boya & Ziqi Lizard-6 fanned fret, headless guitar! At a price under $400, this thing is the perfect, compact shred guitar. A mahogany body and super smooth brass and aluminum bridge provides rock solid tones. Let’s check this out!

A Heavy Metal Salute to The Armed Forces (Veteran’s Day 2023)


This is Max Carlisle’s (Guitar MAX) heavy metal tribute to the Armed Forces! The themes of the Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines…. and the Coast Guard done heavy metal style!

To all the veterans and active military members out there watching: Thank you for your service and happy Veteran’s Day!

Very special thanks to: March Field Air Museum, Camarillo CAF, USS Iowa Museum, The Condor Squadron, California State Parks, and Peter Helm.

By Popular Demand: The $240 Westcreek Revenge

WC Revenge Thumb

By popular demand… one of the most requested guitars for me to review is the Westcreek Revenge. This is an affordable $240 set neck explorere / destroyer type guitar, with rounded ball end frets and a head turning looks. These are available from Amazon, and come in a few different colors. Let’s check this out.


This guitar here: https://amzn.to/3RvzYpX