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Schecter’s BRUTAL Triple Coil Pickup!

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Schecter’s new Sunset 6 Triad features a wild triple coil pickup! And this thing sounds as powerful as it looks. The best part is, the rest of the guitar is awesome as well. Extra jumbo stainless steel frets, locking tuners, a 5 piece maple and rosewood neck, ebony fretboard, and a body shape built for speed all come together to make this guitar flat out awesome.

Get this guitar here (affiliate link):

By Popular Demand: The $240 Westcreek Revenge

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By popular demand… one of the most requested guitars for me to review is the Westcreek Revenge. This is an affordable $240 set neck explorere / destroyer type guitar, with rounded ball end frets and a head turning looks. These are available from Amazon, and come in a few different colors. Let’s check this out.


This guitar here:

Mythbusting Cheap Guitars!

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Whenever I review an affordable guitar, I get in the comments section about how the guitar is “not real wood”. I’m tired of this cheap guitar myth and today I’m going to disprove this. Let’s sacrifice two affordable, but unusable guitars and see what they’re really made of. Particle board? MDF? Plywood? What’s the truth?


My Marshall DLS20 Amp is Broken! But I still LOVE IT!


My Marshall DSL20HR is an awesome sounding amp… with problems. The earlier versions of these Dual Super Lead re-issue amps had widespread problems with the effects loop and emulated output, and I got unlucky with mine. This amp features an ultra gain channel and classic gain, and at 20 watts all tube, you can get a great sound at a lower volume.


I Visit The AIO Guitars Shop!

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AIO, or All In One Guitars, has become one of my favorite guitar brands in recent years. This is the source of Wolf guitars and now the AIO brand of guitars. Here is my shop tour video and interview with Jin, the owner. He talks about how the guitar business started and we see the guys at the shop working on their guitars up close, doing nut adjustments, fret leveling, crowning, fret ends, and more.



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Whether it’s a Sustainiac, or Fernandes system, or something else, I love the sustainer systems for electric guitars. The give unique sounds and abilities that you can’t typically get any other way. BUT the issue has always been finding a guitar with one of these installed. Now there’s a company that will custom build one of these systems for any guitar! Veyz Sustainer. And it’s not even expensive! Let’s check this out.

The New Firefly Resonator Acoustic Guitar!

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Looking for an affordable guitar that turns you into an instant blues legend? The Firefly Resonator guitar model might be the perfect choice. At $210, it has the ultimate vintage style and sound. Before guitars could be electrically amplified, resonator guitars where the choice for loudness and projection. With acoustic electric components this brings a classic guitar design into the future. Let’s check it out!


Compact and Crystal Clear Sound… NU-X Guitar Wireless System

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I’ve checked out amps from NU-X in the past, but never tried one of their stand-alone guitar wireless systems. This one is super compact and solves the limited battery life issue with a super cool charging case! I got zero interference during my testing for nothing but crystal clear sound. Of course I’m using my Harley Benton Guitar MAX Fusion signature guitar for the test!



Harley Benton Guitar MAX Signature Guitar Released!


Major announcement!

Harley Benton and Guitar MAX have released the Guitar MAX Fusion Signature model! This affordable Fusion series guitar features top specs and beautiful looks, and is available now.

Get the guitar HERE.

Check out Max’s video about the guitar below:


Checkout the press coverage of this on Guitar World!

Carlisle | Cascione “Between Two Anvils” Single Released!

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The first track has been released from the long awaited collaboration between Max Carlisle and Dean Cascione!

Listen to Carlisle Cascione “Between Two Anvils” here:

These tracks are for fans of Yngwie Malmsteen, Vinnie Moore, Paul Gilbert, Tony Macalpine, Jason Becker, Michael Angelo Batio, Joe Stump, and many more of the shred guitarists that we love!

This track is available on all major digital music platforms!