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Cheap Semi-Hollow Body Guitar With Spalted Maple Top!

Firefly Spalted 338 thumb 5

Firefly guitars are increasingly well known for making affordable, beautiful, easy to play guitars! In recent times they’ve been expanding their lineup and upgrading many of the existing models! The guitar featured in this video is their popular FF338 model, but with the addition of a beautiful spalted maple veneer top!

Amazing DIY Guitar from Guns and Guitars!

In this video, I get to review a custom DIY guitar made by Dan Thompson at Guns and Guitars! This guitar is an incredible example of what can be done with a cheap guitar kit and a lot of creativity!

Checkout Dan’s YouTube Channel HERE! 

GEAR DEMO – Joyo Vintage Overdrive


Want a classic Tube Screamer that’ll get you all those wonderful tones that have sold millions of records? Well too bad. They’re expensive. But wait, you CAN buy a Joyo Vintage Overdrive pedal for around $25 bucks on Ebay! Made with a rugged aluminum housing and the same controls as a classic Tube Screamer, this pedal is no-nonsense, vintage gain goodness. It works well providing all the gain, on a clean amp, for a warm Classic Rock sound, or you can boost an already cranked up amp to get some singing, stinging sustain and a blistering lead tone!

I’m playing my increasingly modified Ammoon Strat through my Blackstar ID Core 10 for this review.


GEAR DEMO – Jackson JS32 Dinky