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Firefly Guitars’ new Thinline Tele style is only $139

Firefly Thin thumb

Firefly Guitars made a big name for themselves as a major Amazon.com guitar brand with their Gibson ES-335 style semi-hollow body guitar. I reviewed that guitar a couple years ago and the company has been growing! Now they’re bringing out some new models including this amazing Thinline Tele style guitar priced at only $139!

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A Workhorse, Modern Digital Amp from Fender!


The flagship of Fender’s digital amps, the Mustang GT200 is loaded with cutting edge amp technology including bluetooth and WIFI connectivity, allowing the ability to do over-the-air firmware updates, downloading new effects and sound presets and even sharing your patches with other amp users. All of this is in a 2×12, 200 watt combo amp that weighs only 34 lbs!

This amp is available on Amazon!

Finally! A Squier Review! (with Active Pickups!?)


In this review, we’re looking at the Squier Jazzmaster Active HH. A kick-ass, active pickup loaded classic shred machine. Let’s check it out!

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Rare Materials and Fine Italian Craftsmenship!


In this video, I’m thrilled to checkout a beautiful and rare Paoletti Stratopheric guitar! With a leather top and a body made from 150 year old wine barrels, this instrument has a unique and beautifully rich tone. Excellent guitarist Deakon Lekross joins me on this review. His technique combined with an amazing instrument makes for some staggering guitar pyrotechnics!


Learn More About Paoletti Guitars Here

Demo / Review of the Fender Champion 50XL Combo Amp!


Today I’m checking out the new budget-friendly Fender Champion 50XL combo amp! There are some great tones to be found here and the amp features a 12″ Celestion Midnight speaker!