Skype Lessons


Max is available for one-on-one music lessons via Skype. Drawing from his 15+ years as a musician, Max will teach you…

Rock/Metal Guitar Technique and Guitar Fundamentals

Applied Music Theory


Music Production, Recording Techniques and Guitar Technical Maintenance

Sight Reading

Band / Artist Managing and Marketing

Insight into licensing, publishing, copyright and other behind-the-scenes aspects of the music business.

Goal Setting and Motivation

Stage Presence and How to deliver great Live Interviews

Additionally, all students receive an exclusive monthly newsletter and unlimited personal consultation via email. Lessons can be purchased and used one at a time, or you can arrange for recurring scheduled lessons.

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My approach as a teacher is to keep the student excited to learn new techniques and knowledge. I believe in “holistic” music teaching, not just technique and theory but everything involved in achieving success as a musician. I strongly encourage students to pursue their own songwriting and creative directions and to find their own voice on their instrument. In today’s music scene, it’s more important than ever to have a well rounded understanding of all aspects of music from technical ability to interpersonal band relations and music production. Above all, I want the student to enjoy what they do.