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GEAR DEMO – The Cheapest and Best Looper Pedal!

Nano looper

The cheapest looper pedal on the market is the Ammoon Nano Looper. Despite its price, it’s a quality little pedal that ranks high in usability. Check out the features and sound quality in my latest demo and review!  

INTERVIEW – Dan Mumm, Part 2, Sweeping Picking and Practice Routines

Dan part2

Here’s the second clip from my interview with neoclassical guitarist and composer Dan Mumm. In this video we talk about the popularity of the sweep picking technique, the biggest mistake aspiring guitarists make and what the best practice routine is!  

GEAR DEMO – 12$ Pickups! Upgrading the Ammoon Strat


With the Ammoon strat clocking in at only $47, we can afford to spend a few bucks on upgrades! Fortunately, through the magic of Ebay, we only need to spend around $24 to upgrade the pickups to a pair of blistering Dual Rail, single-coil spaced pieces. With these new pups transferring the tone, this thing…

INTERVIEW – Dan Mumm, Part 1, Natural Talent and Gifted Musicians

dan thumb1

Here is the first of several clips from my recent interview with neoclassical guitarist, composer, and music educator Dan Mumm. In this discussion we talk about the concept of natural talent and what it means when we call someone ‘gifted’. More clips from this interview will be posted soon! Dan’s YouTube Channel, and his website.

GEAR DEMO – Joyo Vintage Overdrive


Want a classic Tube Screamer that’ll get you all those wonderful tones that have sold millions of records? Well too bad. They’re expensive. But wait, you CAN buy a Joyo Vintage Overdrive pedal for around $25 bucks on Ebay! Made with a rugged aluminum housing and the same controls as a classic Tube Screamer, this…

GEAR DEMO – A New Guitar for $47!?

Ammoon thumb4

With today’s manufacturing techniques and product supply chains, it’s easier than ever to produce a good quality, low-priced guitar. The ultimate example of this is the Ammoon strat style guitar, which I purchased new for less than $50! I review this guitar, talk about the pros and cons, what parts I would upgrade, and more!…

GEAR DEMO – The $170 Chibson Les Paul!


Fake? Counterfeit? Replica? Tribute Guitar? Whatever you might call them, they seem to be here to stay. Our good friends in the east are cranking out “Made in USA” Gibson Les Paul guitars for a fraction of the price of the genuine article. In this Gear Demo / Review, I take a look at a…

GEAR DEMO – Fishman FT-2 Clip On Tuner


New Single – “The Schwarzschild Radius”


Based off of the mathematical equation of the same name, “The Schwarzschild Radius” is Max’s latest single and music video. The instrumental track is available on iTunes, Amazon.com, Spotify, Google Play and all major digital music outlets. Links: Amazon.com iTunes

GEAR DEMO – Jackson JS32 Dinky