Maxed-Out Metal Hour

promo-ad4The Maxed-Out Metal Hour show airs twice every Thursday on Metal Express Radio. Max hosts the weekly show, playing an hour of his favorite Power Metal, True Metal and Heavy Metal with thoughts and insights about each song. Each show is based on a selected theme, with songs about specific topics or songs featuring specific artists.

This Week’s Show is November 10th, 2016: This week it’ll be one of our favorites….the 100% Mike Vescera show! And the following week will be the FINAL Maxed Out Metal Hour Show!! Yes, after almost 50 shows, we are drawing things to a close! Thanks for all the support and tune in this week and next week!

Listen HERE.

The show airs at 6am and 12 noon, PST and 9am and 3pm, EST. See website for full time listings and station details.

Maxxxwell Carlisle (host of The Maxed Out Metal Hour on MER) is the current lead guitarist for LA based metal veterans Hellion. In addition to his ongoing role in Hellion, he has also released 5 albums as a solo artist and appeared as a guest writer and soloist on Michael Angelo Batio’s “Intermezzo” album, named one of the Top 5 Shred albums of 2014 by Guitar World Magazine. He continues to collaborate with various metal musicians and teaches guitar technique and metal composition via Skype. Additionally, he is a former competitive bodybuilder and enjoys a lifestyle based around health, fitness and metal.


Hey metalheads! The Maxed Out Metal Hour with me, Maxxxwell Carlisle, airs twice every Thursday on MER! The show is an hour of my favorite genre’s of metal, showcasing the best of Power Metal, True Metal, Shred Metal, Hair Metal and the classics! The show debut is September 10th! I’ll be doing themed shows, and if you have any requests or ideas or just want to say hi, shoot me an email at!

For suggestions, comments or theme requests, email