Maxxxwell Carlisle is a Bodybuilder and Heavy Metal Shred Guitarist from Los Angeles, California, USA. Originally from Woodinville, Washington (a suburb of Seattle) his musical interest started with Violin at age 11. He then moved on to play piano, bass and finally guitar. Maxxxwell released 1 demo (Fight Back) and 1 full-length album (The Right to Rock) with the band Graceful Chaos, while still living in Washington. After moving to Los Angeles in 2007, he released his first solo album "Ramming Speed". The album was a studio project and was never played live, except for the songs "Ramming Speed" and "Black Thunder" several years later. Following the release of the "Ramming Speed" album, he produced and played on the track "MAB Forum Shreddathon" which was released on the Michael Angelo Batio album "Hands Without Shadows II - Voices" in 2009. In 2010 Maxxxwell released the single "Duet for Electric Guitar and Electric Cello in A minor" which featured world renowned cellist Tina Guo. A few months later he released his full-length instrumental album "Speed Force". It was also during this time that Maxxxwell played briefly in DeathRiders, the LA based thrash band fronted by original Anthrax vocalist Neil Turbin. Shortly thereafter He also recorded and released 2 instrumental tracks with Italian artist Lyonhard ("Neckbreaker" and "War in the Afterlife") . Several months after the release of "Speed Force", Maxxxwell formed a live band and began a series of shows to support the album which ran until the end of 2011. At this time he began work on 2 new EPs of vocal based material each with a different singer. Although the songs began being played live in early 2012, due to production problems and line-up changes, the 1st EP "Visions of Victory" (Caro Lion on vocals) was not released until November of 2012. The 2nd EP, "Full Metal Thunder" (with Michael Yancy on vocals) is still in production, with an expected release date of April, 2013. Additionally there has been another "MAB Forum Shreddathon" project in the works for well over a year. It is expected to be released on Michael Angelo Batio's upcoming "Intermezzo" album in 2013.

Maxxxwell's 1st bodybuilding competition was in 2002 at the Evergreen State Championships in Whenatchee, Washington. Since then he has competed in well over 20 competitions. He has won numerous weight class titles including the 2007 Washington State Middle-Weight Championship, as well as several Best Presentation awards. He is currently on haitus from competitive bodybuilding due to his extremely tight performing and recording schedule.

Additionally, Maxxxwell has written bodybuilding articles for the website, appeared in other artists music videos (Byron Gore and Tina Guo), done a significant amount of modeling work, and appeared in Muscle Development Magazine. Also, he has a YouTube channel where he posts demo and review videos of various pieces of musical equipment.

Please note that Maxxxwell does not do any "wrestling sessions" or anything that has to do with "muscle fetishes". Do not contact him for these things.